Rocking Horses: Balancing Fun With Function

Rocking horses are a fun and educational toys that help children to improve their mobility and encourage exercise.

It’s difficult to imagine a more iconic children’s toy than a rocking horse. These playthings have been around for hundreds of years, and there seems to be no sign of them going out of style any time soon. In an age that seems to be defined by high-tech toys and gadgets for children and adults alike, rocking horses stand out from the crowd as a toy that (for all of its simplicity) actually performs a myriad of functions for the developing child. It is easy to see how rocking horses can be great fun for your kids, and there is plenty of reason to see how they can be physically and mentally beneficial for them as well.

Baby rocking horses have a timeless appeal. Their history and continued popularity show that these kinds of toys are unique, and that they provide some kind of aesthetic quality and experience that sets them apart from other toys that have passed into obscurity. They are a classic addition to any nursery, and are often quite beautiful. Perhaps one reason for their continued relevance is that they are not a gender-specific toy, and so are appealing to boys and girls alike. Horses (and horse riding) are things that transcend cultural boundaries as well, which makes rocking horses especially relatable. You can still find antique examples that have been around for centuries, which proves that they are an investment that can greatly benefit your child’s life, and perhaps even the lives of their children, or even their children’s children.


Safe Play Option for Children

Another benefit of a rocking horse is that it does not consist of a plethora of small, complicated parts that could be easily lost, broken, or (worst of all) put your child’s health in danger. Toy manufacturers today take a great deal of care in ensuring that your children have the safest toys possible, but there are still many toys that are able to be taken apart by an inquisitive child and potentially become a tripping or choking hazard. In addition, many children’s toys nowadays are battery-powered, and often will not promote the kinds of skills you want your child to learn. Rocking horses require no batteries in order to function, and little to no assembly. Because they are so sturdy, they require practically no upkeep, and will certainly be able to withstand the most strenuous kind of use that may be inflicted on them. They are easy to clean, which makes the constant process of sterilizing your child’s playthings that much easier.


Promote Stimulation of the Senses

Wooden rocking horses are especially good for small children because of the exercise they promote and the senses that they stimulate. It has been shown that rocking movements stimulate the vestibular (inner ear) system, which can encourage your child’s growing sense of balance. The sooner your child learns proper balance, the sooner they will be able to move about correctly and not cause harm to themselves. A baby rocking horse will give a restless child a way to get out excess energy, which could leave them more willing and able to focus on learning new activities and skills. The movement that the rocking horse requires also helps the child’s muscles learn how to keep them upright and how to perform regular motions. A baby rocking horse in the nursery can also encourage your child to exercise, which will aid you in instilling the discipline of regular physical activity into their lives – something that will be invaluable throughout their years.

Helping your child rock can also create a bond between the two of you. Eventually, of course, they will be able to rock on their own, but a rocking horse can give you a safe, easy tool that you can use to teach your child how to move on their own, and also show them that they can trust you. Contact is extremely important during a child’s formative years, and can encourage them to maintain a good relationship with you and to make them feel loved and cared for. Fostering an emotional bond between you and your child by helping them play with a wooden horse can be fulfilling for both of you, and will set a meaningful precedent for your many interactions to come.


Special Needs Considerations

Finding the right toys for your child is particularly important if you have a child with special needs. You will want a toy that they will enjoy, but which will also feature a way to help your child connect with others, as well as a way to find refuge from overstimulation or stress. Special needs children have to cope with different sets of challenges than those of their peers, and will benefit greatly from toys that help them to learn appropriate and effective coping strategies. Wooden rocking horses can be a natural fit for some autistic children, who sometimes have an innate proclivity to rock back and forth. Since infancy, rocking for most children is a calming activity that can soothe even the most aggravated baby. For some special needs children, the need to rock will continue throughout their lives. A wooden horse can be a tool that they can use to fulfill that need, while at the same providing a specific, appropriate place where they can go to perform that comforting motion.


Delight Your Child With a Rocking Horse

Wooden rocking horses are neither boring, nor outdated. The fact that they have been desired by generations of people is a testament to their longevity and relevancy. Rocking horses are simple toys that appeal to many children, and can help them learn and develop important senses and motor skills. Special needs children in particular can benefit from them because of how intuitive and soothing they can be to use. You may be tempted to go out to your local toy store to pick up the latest fad, but if you want a toy that you and your child will be able to use and enjoy together, and which has the potential to be passed down to their children in years to come, then a kids’ rocking horse might just be the next thing you surprise and delight your child with.