Reward Points

Tiny Tiny Shop Shop appreciates your business and to show our gratitude we have introduced a Customer Rewards Programme. We sincerely hope you take full advantage of it.

We have made it super easy for you to be part of our Customer Rewards Programme. Simply make a purchase through this website and that's it ... No application or approval required.  You immediately start earning points on your first purchase.  These points can be redeemed for dollars on any future online purchase with us.

So, how does it work? 
Simple ... for every AU$20 you spend in our online store (excluding Postage), we will reward you with 1 Customer Reward Point.

Redeemable value of 1 Customer Reward Point = AU$1

You can make multiple purchases over a period of time and save your points for something big or you may choose to use your accumulated points upon your next visit.

Please Note: Your reward points are valid for 6 months from purchase date.

For Example, say you purchase a Tiny Tiny Shop Shop product for AU$100.  We will reward you with 5 Points. This equates to a redeemable value of AU$5.

If you decide at a later date to purchase another Tiny Tiny Shop Shop product worth AU$60. You can use all or some of the 5 reward points (you accumulated from previous purchase) towards this AU$60 purchase.  If you decide to use only some of your points, the points you don't use will remain on your account for future purchases.  Alternatively if you decide to use none of your accumulated points on your $60 purchase you will receive another 3 Customer Reward Points (Remember that every $20 spent you receive 1 point which equates to a redeemable value of $1).  The 3 accumulated Reward points will be automatically allocated to your Reward Points Balance of 5 points (previously accumulated from your $100 purchase), giving you a total 8 Customer Reward Points or AU$8 to use towards your next purchase with Hip Kids

NB: When you redeem some or all of your accumulated points on a particular purchase you will not accrued extra reward points for the same purchase.

How to View Your Reward Points Balance ?
You can view your Reward Points Balance when ever you like, simply by visiting Store Account Register page and login to your store account.

If you have previously activated your store account you can login with your registered email address or username in the 'Are You A Returning Customer?' section

Alternatively if haven't yet activated your store account you can do so by:


  • Clicking on the 'Forgot Your Password Click Here' link in Store Account Register Page
  • Once the 'Forgot Password' page appears enter your email address (used when previous purchased made) . Password will then be sent to your email address inbox.
  • Login by entering your registered email address and new password in the 'Are You A Returning Customer?' Section