Toy Vehicles & Tracks

Toy cars, train sets and kids ball tracks offer the ability for children to learn problem-solving skills. Many of life's challenges involve solving problems and working with these toy sets can help children to develop these skills early on in life. As children work with trains and balls, they learn how to navigate obstacles, organise, and utilise creativity and imagination to solve problems.

Tiny Tiny Shop Shop offers several options of kids train set and kids ball tracks toys to inspire children to think imaginatively.


Kids Train Set

Our kids train sets feature colourful details and make for a perfect gift for a young child. Most children are fascinated by toy trains as they watch them move in and around the playscape. For little conductors, train sets also offer the opportunity to role play as they move their trains along the tracks. With a moulded, sturdy design, these train sets won't chip and can stand up to repeated use.


Kids Ball Tracks

The system of block tracks and marbles will allow children to enjoy hours of entertainment. The sets feature vibrant colours and marbles that move differently depending on where they are placed along the tracks.

With so many problems to solve, children will spend hours playing with trains and enjoying the fun of playing conductor. The train tables make an excellent option for group play to encourage cooperation and sharing. The kids ball tracks offer similar benefits and feature bright colours for exciting fun and enjoyment.

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