Shape Sorters, Stackers & Blocks

Our early explorer toys will provide endless hours of  fun for kids and allow toddlers to build the basic skills that are needed for early childhood. These toys encourage the development of coordination, dexterity, imagination, and simple problem solving. With a variety of activities, each of these toys will appeal to even the most discerning parent for the educational benefits that they provide.

P'kolino Cargo Plane Balancer Toy

P'kolino Cargo Plane Balancer Toy

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Kids Car Vilac

The Kids Car Vilac features a number of fascinating and versatile activities for young children. Not only can it be pulled along the ground, it also offers shape-sorting blocks. The various activities are designed to allow children to develop better fine motor and logic skills. The car features bright colours and is made from solid wood for long-lasting durability.


Puzzle Stacker for Kids

Young children aged 12 months and older struggle initially with fine-tuning motor skills. The Puzzle Stacker for Kids provides easy-to-hold rings that children can place on an extra thick stacking pole. As children play with tools like the puzzle stacker, they begin to improve their spatial logic. Solving the puzzle also shows children how to recognise colours and sizes.

Each piece is made from quality and sturdy wood that is designed to resist damage and is large enough to prevent it from becoming a choking hazard for young children. With every piece, children can work through the challenges of early childhood development.

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