Sand and Water Play

Children naturally love sand and water. Tiny Tiny Shop Shop offers sand and water tables that provide a great place for children to learn. In addition to teaching children maths and science skills, sand and water tables will also increase their motor skills as they scoop, sift, measure and pour.

Summertime Play Centre

Summertime Play Centre



Waterwheel Play Table

The Waterwheel Play Table is perfect for hours of outdoor fun. Water pours through the funnel that activates a wheel, spilling water into the upper and lower harbors. This table can hold up to 4 gallons of water. The play table is designed to accommodate up to three children for group play.


Sand and Water Table

Sand and water tables teach children about the natural elements as they learn to manipulate fluid materials. Children can also enjoy the new sensory experiences that come along with the wet and dry elements. A sand and water table will encourage children to engage in cooperative play and practice sharing for hours of fun outdoors.


Step2 Table

Step2 tables have a raised design that helps children to keep the water and sand in the table. The design features moulded-in sections and playscape designs that encourage creative play. The various designs offer different features including lagoons, moats and more. With so many fun designs, children can have an exciting play time while learning important skills that teach them about matter and working with others.

To learn more about the sand and water play tables available from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, call us on +61 3 9395 5015 and we'll gladly assist you.