Push and Pull

The kids push and pull toys available from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop are designed to inspire creative play with bright colours and designs that are way too cute! These toys will benefit growing infants and encourage them to use their large muscles. If baby is just starting to walk, push and pull toys can help exercise the muscles that are required for walking.

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Kids Push Toys

Push toys encourage coordination and balance and feature fun designs and bright colours that will maintain the interest of a child. Children who have just started walking will love any toy that will allow them to move with confidence. Many options also include a cart component so that kids can store their favourite toys on top and inside.


Pull Toys by Vilac

The kids pull toys available from Vilac provide creative features that allow the toy's parts to bounce along as it is pulled. Pull toys are specifically designed for early walkers aged 12 months and older. With these toys, children can develop both balance and coordination as the child focuses on walking while pulling along the toy. The fun animal design makes a pull toy a special friend for a child and will allow for opportunities for exploratory play.

Helping children to master walking and balance can be done by using fun toys that also inspire creative play. With the sturdy designs, these toys can stand up to the rough treatment that they are likely to receive.

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