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With our play food and shopping carts, children can role play to learn about food and healthy eating. These safe and simple toys revolve around the simple basic skills of food and cooking.  Their use promotes realistic role play, and encourages healthy eating.

Little French Restaurant by Vilac

Little French Restaurant by Vilac

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Role Play Toys

From an early age, many children start to watch and take an interest in the daily activities of mummy and daddy. They may start modelling the activities of their parents from as young as ages two and three. To encourage the creative development of children, Vilac is a leading French brand that has created role play toys, including the kids grocery store by Vilac.

The kids shopping cart allows children to role play shopping for groceries. When mum and dad go to the grocery store, the children are eager to help select foods. With these unique toys, children can enjoy hours of fun while pretending to shop just like mum and dad!

 Creating Healthy Eating Habits Through Play

Helping children to become interested in food and nutrition is an important part of getting them accustomed to healthy eating, which can impact their eating habits later on in life. Children should learn about food in a way that is educational and fun for the best results. The veggie set for kids can help children to learn about where healthy foods come from and the effort that is required to make a tasty and healthy meal.

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