Musical Melodies for Kids

“Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories.” – Stevie Wonder

And what is a childhood if it is not filled with wonderful memories? Children of all ages should be encouraged to create and explore their own music. At Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, we offer simple instruments that enable your young rock stars and jazz maestros to unleash their musical abilities and experiment with sounds that enchant them. These musical instruments are not only for making noise - they are educational too. Strumming a few guitar chords and tapping rhythms on a drum is the perfect way to introduce kids to the skill and coordination required to play real instruments. Plus, they’ll be making memories as they go!  

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Kids Guitar

Our kids toy guitars are from Vilac's range of instruments. The clever design is perfect for younger children and features real nylon strings that require tuning and a plectrum. Since the toy guitar for kids is just like a full-size guitar, children can learn to play real notes.

The smaller sizes make these guitars perfect for little hands. With these guitars, children can develop the fine motor skills that are required for playing real instruments later on in life.

Kids Piano

The kids piano, also made by Vilac, is a small-scale version of a real piano that puts the keys within easy reach for children. These small pianos for kids come in "upright" and "grand piano" versions and are almost too cute for words! Some pianos, such as the Grand Piano and Stool, even include accessories. The Grand Piano comes with a stool and a stand for sheet music.

Creative play with musical instruments should be encouraged in children. Play with kids musical instruments has been demonstrated to benefit the development of the areas of the brain in children that involve reasoning, language and spatial-temporal skills. We also offer other types of musical instruments including kids drum sets.

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