Kids Teepees & Bedroom

Children have tiny hands and short legs and arms that may require a bit of extra assistance when it comes to bedroom furniture. At Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, we don't offer bedroom furniture that has only been scaled down from adult sizes. Our children’s bedroom furniture has been specifically designed for children to meet their developmental needs. In addition, the furniture also provides features that are simpler and easier for children to use.


Kids Table & Chairs

For both playful and practical use, a kids table & chairs is the perfect furniture item for any creative toddler. The stylish chairs are perfectly sized for children and feature quality wood that makes cleanup easy and will brighten up any space.


P'kolino Toddler Bed

P'kolino Toddler Bed is a playful mix of sturdy construction and classic modern design. As an option for transition to a "big kid" bed, this fun bed can be used with any standard size crib mattress and features well-crafted side rails to maintain the child's safety.


Kids Bedroom Décor

Our product offerings don’t only include furniture. We also provide kids bedroom décor in the fun, bright colours that kids prefer. The simple prints and anthropomorphised designs are designed to add the finishing touches to a child's bedroom. Discerning parents will love the range of styles and brands that we offer. Creating a child's bedroom that has the appeal and enthusiasm that one might find in an interiors magazine is possible with Tiny Tiny Shop Shop. With smart storage solutions, finding the right playroom or bedroom décor is easier than ever.

Tiny Tiny Shop Shop can help with selecting the right furniture items for a child's bedroom. Contact us on +61 3 9395 5015 and we'll provide immediate assistance.