Dolls and Doll Houses

Dolls are almost universally popular with children; most societies around the world have a traditional style of toy doll, whether it’s cloth, ceramic or plastic. Playing with toy dolls and doll houses is great for younger children because it gives them a frame of reference for understanding their own body, movement, and daily routines; playing doctor or house or shop can teach them a lot about the world around them.

At Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, we stock a select range of dolls' house furniture and home-themed play sets, including wooden doll house furniture, cloth dolls, and much more. These adorable toys, by international brands including Voila, KidKraft and Hape, are beautifully designed and made to last. Unlike some plastic toys, they’re eco-friendly, as they’re made from renewable resources and are completely recyclable.

These toy dolls are great for encouraging pretend play and role playing, which in turn develops their creativity and imagination, as well as communication skills. Sets with multiple components, such as room sets, also provide an opportunity to teach youngsters new words and boost their growing vocabulary. A wooden doll house is ideal for your child to enjoy by themselves, or for playing families with other children.

You can buy doll houses online and have them shipped to your door in days. Most doll houses come flat packed, with simple instructions for assembly, whilst most furniture and accessories are shipped fully assembled and ready to go. For details on a particular product, check the specifications on the individual product page. Young children will adore our selection of dolls, doll houses and Dolls house furniture available to buy online. Should you require any more information, please feel free to contact the Tiny Tiny Shop Shop team on +61 3 9395 5015 or at