Tips for Selecting the Right Tables and Chairs for Your Kids

Selecting the right table and chair set is vital to the comfort of your kids. Brands like P'kolino and Kidkraft offer top quality kids furniture at affordable prices.

While a home may be filled with lovely furnishings, often, these are not suited to the needs of the children. A comfortable chair for Mum leaves her son’s little legs dangling and can make it uncomfortable for him to find a comfortable place to rest after playing all day. The desk where Dad works on a project is like a skyscraper to his toddler daughter. The kitchen table where the family gathers for a meal or a project can be dauntingly large and uncomfortable for the kids. Children are smaller than adults, so they need furniture that is their size. When shopping for kids furniture online, it is important to do a bit of research so you can be sure you are selecting the right table and chairs for your kids.


Pick a Kids Table and Chairs Set According to Your Child’s Age and Size

Whether you are looking for a kids table and chairs for outdoor use, or a kids table and chairs set that can be used in a play room or craft space, you should first consider the size and ages of your children. Toddlers up to about age two will need a table that is lower, about thirty-eight to forty centimeters high, to be comfortable when standing. Young children who have mastered sitting at a chair safely will be able to use kid size chairs or benches at a table that is closer to fifty or sixty centimeters high. A set like the P'kolino table and chairs is handy because the chairs are designed to fit under the table with legroom, so you don’t have to guess at selecting the right sized chairs. Children who are learning to write need to be able to sit at a table as adults sit at a desk with their feet flat on the ground. As children grow older, a higher table, about seventy-eight centimeters tall, will accommodate them as a desk or project table. Some children’s furniture offers adjustable features which allow a table to grow with your kids. If you aren’t sure what size your kids need, you might want to measure their length from the floor to just above the waist when standing to pick a table that will allow them to use the table comfortably when standing. Alternately, you will need to get the length of their legs from the top of the knee down if you are trying to find a kids table and chairs set. Then, you can be sure that if you are shopping for kids furniture online you can quickly determine if a table is an appropriate height for your children.


Select a Kids Table That Will Look Great and Function Well In Your Space

You may be hunting for the perfect craft table and chairs for your kids. Some well-designed tables offer features perfect for little children’s projects. For example, you may want to get a table with a chalkboard surface to invite the kids to decorate the tabletop. Some kids tables offer lift-top storage to allow for easy organization and cleanup of colored pencils and paper. Encourage creativity by setting up a spot for kids to do their own little projects. Other tables, like the Step2 table and chairs, feature stationary bins beneath the top so puzzles and games are quickly accessible. Children will love having access to their favorite table-top games and toys, and you will love having a way to store these items in a clutter-free way.

For your train enthusiasts, you might want to find a kids table and chairs set that allows for plenty of surface space to spread out the train set and play pieces yet allowing for storage within the table to quickly transition to using the table for a board game or snack. If you are hoping to find kids table to be placed alongside your grownup dining area, you will want to consider the style and design and find one that will complement the other furnishings in the room in finish and line. Tables intended to be a dining surface should have a clean and simple top so that it is easy to maintain and to keep crumbs from getting stuck in the grooves. Kids table and chairs sets can come in many different colors to add lively dimension to play spaces. No matter what the color scheme of your child’s bedroom or play space, you can find a table and chairs to look great with the other decorations and features in the room. A clean, modern look of unpainted wood might be just the right touch, too. Perhaps the table and chairs will be the site of make-believe tea parties or a surface where budding chefs present their play-food dishes to hungry teddy bear friends. Once kids have furnishings that are suited to their little bodies, the possibilities for play and creativity at their very own tables are endless.


Smooth Materials and Sturdy Design in Kids Furniture Keeps Your Kids Safe

However your kids will use the furniture that is just their size, you want to be sure the pieces are designed with safety in mind. A kids table and chairs set might be really cute, but if the chairs are so heavy your child cannot move them, it is not very useful. Children’s furniture should be lightweight so your child can safely maneuver on and off of chairs. You also want to be sure chairs are sturdy and will not topple easily while a child is seated or as a toddler grabs the backs of a chair. Small benches or stools might even be more appropriate for especially young children. Four-legged rectangular stools are quite sturdy and allow little ones to climb on and off as needed from any direction. Another safety feature to consider is the materials used. Wood sets should be sanded and sealed to prevent splintering, and kids plastic table and chairs should be free of jagged edges. Children will be safest when their furniture has rounded edges and does not have any sharp corners. You can avoid a lot of little scrapes and bruises by selecting the right table and chairs for your kids.