Five Outdoor Play Equipment Ideas for Your Kids

Outdoor toys make kids healthy and energetic. Outdoor play equipment like playhouses are vital to the psychological growth of your child.

Nothing says ‘childhood’ quite like playing outdoors – making nature into a playground and participating in games of skill and imagination. Investing in kid’s outdoor play equipment can benefit your child in many ways, and these 5 outdoor play equipment ideas for your kids can make those benefits a reality. Not only are they fun for them to play with and for you to watch your children learn and grow on, but they also have proven themselves to be remarkably beneficial for your child’s psychological growth. There are a number of lessons that kids can learn through constructive play, and they will take the lessons that they learn there with them throughout their lives.


Psychological Benefits of Kid’s Outdoor Equipment

Studies have shown that kid’s outdoor toys can aid in developing important skills sets for later in life. They will learn social skills by teaching them how to interact, collaborate, communicate, and empathize, and will create interpersonal connections with others by encouraging them to play and share with other children. Kid’s outdoor play equipment can help them in their personal development by stimulating creativity and imagination. Outdoor toys provide a stage, tools, or a vehicle which they can use to facilitate games of imagination, and can encourage them to try out new creative scenarios. They can aid them in developing self-understanding, because as kids play they will begin to develop an idea of who they are, what they dream of doing or becoming, and what they want to try or accomplish next.

Through outdoor toys, they will also learn mental skills and self-preservation. These can be evidenced by critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Children will be encouraged to find new ways to utilize the equipment that you have given them, and will have to find ways around the obstacles that they present them with. They will develop self-care skills as they learn to read their environment, to understand their physical limitations, and will then be able to apply that knowledge to caring for themselves and their feelings of physical comfort and safety.

These lessons and characteristics will help them throughout their lives, and will aid them in their journey towards becoming well-rounded, balanced individuals. Here are 5 outdoor play equipment ideas for your kids that you can consider:


1. Cubby Houses

A Step2 playhouse can represent for a child infinite possibilities. They can be their own home, a magical fortress, a hide-out, a castle, or practically any other structure they want it to be. They can be found in many styles, with windows and doors, picnic tables and gardens, or can even resemble a teepee. They can help your child emulate the care that you take around your home – preparing them for the steps that they will someday take to keep up their own house. They can teach them hospitality by acting as a host and sharing it with playmates. Whatever your child makes it, a cubby house can be an attractive addition to your backyard that your child will love.


2. Outdoor Play Sets

Outdoor play sets can be simple or complicated, large or small, and can provide limitless play options and activities for your child. They can be found featuring bridges, slides, steps and tunnels, or a myriad of ‘secret’ compartments or exits for quick escapes. Play sets can become practically anything in the eyes of your child, and will provide hours of stimulating, interactive play for them and their friends. Your child’s imagination will run wild with an outdoor play set that they can romp all over and turn into any kind of platform for years of exciting and constructive play time.


3. Sand and Water Play Sets

Sand and water play sets are ideal examples of kid’s outdoor play equipment. They allow your child the opportunity to play beneath the sun and sky with the Earth’s natural elements. Sand and water fall under the ‘loose parts theory’, which was developed in the 1970’s by architect Simon Nicholson. This theory is held in high regard by child-play experts and playscape designers. This theory suggests that the loose parts of our environment are what empower our creativity the most. They can be used alone or with other materials, and come with no specific set of instructions – allowing your child to make up the gameplay and the rules on their own. These sets act as a vehicle through which your child can play with loose parts while still providing an appropriate place that will encourage them to contain those parts in one fun-filled place.


4. Ride-On and Pedal Cars

Ride-on and pedal cars are the ideal outdoor toys for toddlers. They allow your child to play with miniaturized versions of the vehicles they see adults using on the road or in their favorite shows or movies. They are very safe to use, and will help your child develop muscle control and coordination while naturally strengthening them and encouraging them to get the exercise they need. Kid’s ride-on cars can be found in a plethora of exciting varieties, which include race cars, coupes, motorcycles, fire trucks, and more.


5. Tricycles and Balance Bikes

Once your child has outgrown ride-on and pedal cars, there are still many fun options for you to choose from. Tricycles and balance bikes are fantastic examples of kid’s outdoor toys that provide a way for them to move about while still encouraging them to use their imagination. These miniature vehicles will continue their lessons in control and environmental awareness, while simultaneously ensuring their muscle development. Exercise is an important part of every person’s health and life, and should be encouraged from the time your child is small until they reach adulthood. Establishing healthy habits now will give your child a solid foundation on which to base their continued growth.

Whether you’re a new parent or a parent in search of a new toy for your growing child, there are a plethora of enjoyable and constructive options for kid’s outdoor play equipment. Playing outdoors encourages your child to learn and grow organically, and makes certain that they learn valuable life-long lessons about themselves, others, and their environment. From cubby houses to playsets, kid’s ride-on cars to tricycles, there are many varieties of toys to keep your child stimulated and interested for years to come.