10 Creative Kids’ Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Need creative ideas to decorate your child’s bedroom? Get best tips on using the right kids bedroom furniture from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop

A kids’ bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep. With the right kids’ furniture you can create a space that combines functionality and creativity, transforming your child’s room into a pleasant and stimulating environment where kids can imagine, create, play, learn, and dream while developing important skills such as independence and organization. Here are 10 ideas for designing a room that will delight and inspire your child for years to come:

Design With Comfort in Mind

Kids spend a lot of time in their rooms, so it’s important to make sure they can be comfortable engaging in a variety of activities there. A kids’ couch or chair is a perfect way to provide a space for relaxing, reading, or socializing with friends while still leaving plenty of room for other activities.

Fun and Easy Storage

Kids are small people, but they have a lot of stuff! Finding places to tuck away all of your child’s toys, clothes, stuffed animals, games, puzzles, and so on can be challenging. Today’s kids’ furniture offers many options for storage that’s as cute as it is practical. To minimize the mess in your child’s room, look for storage options that are appealing to kids but also simple for them to manage. Containers with lids that are difficult to snap on and remove will hinder your child’s attempts at cleaning.On the other hand, large cloth storage bins are light and easy to move around, but can hold a lot and are a great way for kids to quickly and easily gather up and stow their toys.

Maximize Your Space

No matter what size your child’s bedroom is, you’ll want to make maximum use of the available room without encroaching too much on the play area. One way to do this is to look for storage options that utilize space you might not otherwise have thought to take advantage of. For example, whimsical storage organizers that hang on the backs of doors add charm and provide additional room to store toys without taking up a square inch of floor space.

Purchase Multiple-Use Items

Another smart way to utilize space is to choose items that have dual purposes. Pull toys that also hold books, tables with lift-off tops and storage underneath, a toy box that also serves as a bench – all are clever ways to conserve floor area and minimize clutter while ensuring that there’s a place for everything.


The right furniture can help kids to easily make sense of what should go where. This ensures not only that toys and books get put back where they belong when children are done with them, but also that those items are readily available the next time they’re needed. A kids’ bookshelf that holds books facing forward allows children to see the entire cover of each book so they can recognize their favorites even before they can read the titles. For older ones, children’s desks with compartments for paper, pencils, crayons, and other tools can help to keep supplies neatly organized and at kids’ fingertips whenever they need them.

Room Within a Room

Even in an attractive, well-designed room, kids will sometimes want to escape into their imaginations – literally, as well as figuratively. Adding a play teepee to a child’s bedroom instantly changes the space so that going inside almost feels like entering another room altogether. In here, children can read, hide, spend some alone time – or insert themselves into a fantasy play drama of their own creation.

Themed Furniture

The bed is the focal point of a bedroom. Why not make it the most exciting piece of furniture in the room? Children’s beds are available in a variety of themes so that kids can dream as much during the day as they do at night. Modern kids’ furniture is as creative as it is functional; with the right bed, kids can become captains of their own pirate ships or rulers of their own castles. Beds aren’t the only pieces of furniture that can create a make-believe atmosphere in your child’s room. Other pieces, such as a clothing/jacket stand that looks like a treeor a storage bin that looks like a monster, can serve a practical purpose while tapping into your child’s imagination.

Design for Independence

As children grow older they become more and more capable of organizing their own rooms – but even the youngest children can help to tidy up their spaces if they have the right tools. A clothing tree or coat rack provides a way for young children to keep jackets and clean clothes off the floor without having to reach or manage clothes hangers. A toy box is low to the ground and easy for kids to manage on their own. Very small children who are just transitioning out of their cribs may prefer toddler beds over standard twin size, as they will be able to more easily get in and out of a smaller bed and may even be able to straighten the covers on their own. Selecting items that encourage children’s independence will help them feel a greater sense of ownership over their living space.

A Place to Work, a Place to Play

Children will want to do all sorts of projects in their rooms, so you’ll want to make sure their furniture allows them to engage in many kinds of activities. Kids’ tables and chairs are a popular option for this purpose, providing space for everything from tea parties to working on puzzles, from drawing to making blanket forts. A quality table and chair set is a fun and versatile addition to any child’s room.

Encourage Creativity

Once you’ve covered the basics of where your child will sleep and store clothing and toys, consider what other items you’ll provide to facilitate creative play. Kids’ furniture with chalkboard surfaces provides a space for spontaneous creations, while an activity table encourages sensory investigation. Adding an easel will encourage children to express themselves artistically, providing a large but contained space for creating original masterpieces as well as for discovering that red and blue make purple. Play kitchens and other miniature versions of adult workspaces prompt kids to role-play, using their imaginations to help them orient themselves to and make sense of the world around them.

With the variety of kids’ furniture that’s available today, there’s something to strike every child’s fancy. Apply a little forethought and a balance of practicality and whimsy, and you can create the perfect environment for your little one!